Welcome to Lorky !

The goal of this website and mobile application is to be able to control what publisher any kid can listen up to. It exist some products that the platform already use to allow that in a certain way, but I live in a country where it's unavailable. I get a direct error code that my country isnt allowed to use the normal method. For me it was a problematic because I have a son with disabilities, and to be sure he watch only good video is a essential part to me, and for him too.

Key focus

Each publisher are currated to be sure the content is correct.

I try my best to try to avoid any one to be able to escape the publisher's content to go on other un-currated's publisher.

Language are important, as such members can opt-in to just listen to publisher from your language. English and French will be the first language added.

Members will be able to blacklist publisher and/or add them for their own naviguation.

Members vetted publisher would be a option in a near futur.


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